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Saturday, May 30, 2009

GET INFORMER: CS101 Assignment No.4(Write a simple JavaScript program in HTML file to show the table of any entered number)

GET INFORMER: CS101 Assignment No.4(Write a simple JavaScript program in HTML file to show the table of any entered number)

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CS101 Assignment No.4(Write a simple JavaScript program in HTML file to show the table of any entered number)

CS101 Assignment No.4


CS 101 Introduction to Computing
Assignment # 04
Total Marks 20

Your assignment must be uploaded / submitted before or on 01-06-2009.

Upload Instructions
Please view the assignment submission process document provided to you by the Virtual University to upload the assignment.

Rules for Marking
Please note that your assignment will not be graded if:

· It is submitted after due date

· The file you uploaded does not open

· The file you uploaded is copied from some one else or from internet

· It is in some format other than .html file

The assignment has been designed to enable you to:

Understand HTML and JavaScript
Use loop in JavaScript
Use HTML forms
Question 20 marks

Write a simple JavaScript program in HTML file to show the table of any entered number. Follow these directions for it:

Use HTML form, with one text box and a button as shown below:

Text box is to enter the number and when you press the “Have a Table” button a table of entered number should be shown.
Use loop to print the table
Output should be as shown below (if 5 is entered):


Click Below To View Solution Of This Assignment:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Make Google Adsense Account Safe

this is a big problem, you could lose your income very easily - there is a product called click locker which works well, you can specify the amount of clicks an ip address or visitor can make as soon as they exceed this they dont see any more ads on your site for a duration that you specify.

Method No.2
Many web site owners are getting their Google Adsense account terminated. I read on the forums almost daily posts from people who are bemoaning the fact that Google has terminated their account when they feel they have done nothing wrong to deserve the punishment. In almost every case, click fraud is the reason for termination.

Click fraud is the act of clicking on ads for the purpose of costing the advertiser money. It is simply the same as paying out cash for false leads. Many website owners are aware of this fraud, and share the same sentiment that this is the one big problem that Adsense is facing.

How do you prevent yourself from being involved in this fraud?

The majority of web hosts offer access logs. If you are notified of click fraud and possible termination of your account by Google, it is necessary that you hand over these logs to them to clarify your situation. This allows them to look for any suspicious activity on your site. Problems like this are very serious and giving it to them is a show of good faith that you want to help Google in any way you can to attempt to solve the problem.

It can also help if you have a click monitoring software. There are many good programs available, but it is important that you get a program that has no limitations. there are free programs available, but I would suggest that you get a script from a certified expert in this field. I highly recommend using William Bontrager's script. Mr Bontrager will install this script on one site for you after the purchase of the software, and will show you how to add the script to other sites. Free scripts are also available on the Internet if you are limited in funds. Remember, you get what you pay for. As usual, all the information you will receive from your tracking software should be turned over to Google. This is showing Google that you too are fighting against click frauds and is in no way a part of it.

Study your server logs and watch for any activity that seems suspicious. Report anything that you may find odd, may it big or small thing. Look for large spikes in traffic, and suspicious activity in files and folders where people would not normally have access to. Remember, that when working on your site, that you will access these files and folders. It is suggested you track these by noting the time of activity. A little work on your part will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

You may want to consider disabling ads for your own IP address and local geographic area. This will certainly prevent accidents and will not make Google mistake another user as you. You can do through the htaccess file on your web site. the process is too detailed to go into further here, but if you do a search on the engines to learn ways to access and disable portions of this log, a lot of information is readily available. By doing this, and showing Google that you have done so, you protect yourself against any possible threat from Google.

Keep your Adsense off on pop ups and pop unders. Your ads should not be displayed on content sites that promote illegal activity or tampering of the legal rights of other people or business. Included in this are the content that is considered adult or gambling in nature, or promote firearms, tobacco, or drugs of any kind. If you think that you may be breaking this rule, immediately remove your content or Adsense from the web page.

Be truthful and confess up to Google about times when you might have clicked on your own ads, whether accidentally or intentionally. Be honest about anything that you may have done that is wrong. Confessing is way better than Google learning about it eventually. It would mean eventual termination and no getting back what you have worked so hard for.

Do not tell your family or friends about Adsense on your website. Chances are they may start clicking on them to help you make money without you knowing it. They may be doing more harm to you than help by trying it in the first place.

Most pay per click networks have different measures in hand to protect website owners against click frauds. Other search engines can track more than 50 data points, IP address, browser’s information, user’s session info and pattern recognition. They also have “systems” available that detects fraud, not to mention the specialized teams monitoring how things are going and helping advertisers stop click frauds. Google has some of the best brains in the business, and it does no one any good to try to "fool" them. In addition to the algorithms that Google has in place, they also employ regular people to surf the net to find illegal sites.

Google offers suggestion on how to avoid click fraud. Using “negative keywords” can be used to keep your Adsense showing on products and services that are in no way related to yours. Add tracking URLs to your links so you can track the traffic coming from Google.

Don't be caught in the Google click fraud. The opportunity to make a very

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Use Adsense

Note: Today, I earn much more than the amount on that check. The reason I do not have a more recent check to display is Google pays me by direct deposit now.]


Anyone who owns or is thinking about creating a website would be crazy to ignore this.

I am happy to say that making money with your site, no matter the topic, has become easier than it's ever been before - and it's 100% legitimate.

If AdSense had been available in 2000, I would have NEVER shut down my soap opera fan site that received 200 hits per day. I would have been able to earn money from that traffic and probably turned a small profit.

Untold Facts About AdSense you need to know in order to succeed with the program!

Yes, the money can be great, but if you don't learn how to build a site that attracts targeted traffic then you won't make much from AdSense.

Don't pay a cent for these "Get Rich Quick" books on AdSense. Many of them are all hype. Learn all you need to know for free.

Right click and "Save As" to download this book.

What is AdSense? earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. All this is managed through a program they call AdWords.

Now you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by displaying these same text ads on your site. In other words, you're helping Google advertise and they pay you a percentage of what they earn.

This program is called AdSense.

Every website owner should at least consider the program. Even if your site is just for information purposes, you can still participate and make decent money with AdSense -- or at least enough to fund your website.

So if you are one of those people that doesn't like the idea of paying for a site, this is an excellent way to earn your money back and then some.

How AdSense Works
Don't like to read a lot of text? Watch my 4-minute video on how AdSense works.

"Is Google Crazy?"
I know what you're probably thinking...

"What's the catch here? Why would Google just give away money advertisers are paying them?"

The answer...

Because Google is very smart.

If you understand how AdSense works, you will see that it's a win-win situation for everyone involved, and the bottom line benefits Google. Let me explain...

Since the advertiser's ads are now being displayed on more web sites all over the internet (instead of just Google's site), they are getting much more exposure. More exposure means more clicks and even more traffic for their site over a shorter period of time.

This is good news for Google because the more traffic the advertisers receive, the faster their advertising funds are used up.

Remember, they get charged every time their site gets a visit; and of course, it is Google's hope that they'll continue to keep funneling more money into their account for more ad exposure.

What an ingenious way for Google to increase the amount of money they earn from advertisers while building loyalty with website owners (like us) who are now getting paid to help them advertise.

Of course, I'd expect nothing less from the most popular search engine on the web. :)

My Personal AdSense Story
I have been receiving monthly checks from Google since 2003, and I've read numerous success stories of websites earning 5 digit incomes per month with AdSense.

Now, I will admit, a 5-digit commission in a single month is probably not the norm for most participants.

I promote AdSense on three of my websites and my checks have been as high as $4,500.

The more information you have, the greater chance you have of attracting free search engine traffic. That's why it's so very important you choose a topic you have an interest in so you can keep building and building.

My checks weren't always that large. I think my first month's earnings in 2003 totaled less than $20. However, I kept getting more and more search engine traffic by adding more content and the checks slowly began to increase. I had no idea it would grow to anything like this.

"How Much Can I Earn With AdSense?"
Google does not disclose exactly how much you'll earn per ad that is clicked.

The commission you receive per click depends on how much advertisers are paying Google for the particular ad. You will earn a share of that amount. I've heard of earnings anywhere from 2 cents to $15 per click.

So it is logical to believe that keyword phrases like debt free, employment, make money, mp3, sex, etc. will earn you more per click since these are highly competitive keywords that are searched for quite a bit on the web.

Advertisers generally pay more for popular terms because they are searched for more.

Even though Google will not reveal how much you are earning for each ad that is clicked from your site, you can still login to your account at any time and see the total amount of revenue you've generated that day, week, month, year, etc.

For example, if you see that you've made $12.60 today from 9 clicks then you can calculate that your average click-thru commission was $1.40 per click. That's as detailed as their stats will get. Also remember, that's only an average. You won't know how much each specific ad brought in.

The amount you'll earn also depends largely on the amount of targeted traffic you receive to your own site, how well the ads match your audience's interests, the placement of the ads on your pages, and of course the amount you receive per click.

Ideally, you should create a site on a topic you know a lot about. That way you'll have a much easier time creating a generous amount of content on that subject.

Why I Believe AdSense Works So Well
For years, website owners have tried to make money from their sites by putting up banner ads in hopes of visitors clicking them. The problem with banner ads is that the Internet audience is so immune to them, people do not click on them anymore.

When's the last time you clicked a banner ad?


Second, in order for the web site owner to earn money from that banner ad, usually the web surfer that clicks has to purchase something. With AdSense, your visitors just have to click the ads. They don't have to purchase a single thing.

Third, most people that use banner ads do not do a good job of matching the ads to the website's content so the click thru percentages are dismal.

With Google's AdSense, not only are you displaying text ads, (which tend to receive a much higher click-thru rate than banner ads), but you are displaying contextual ads that match your website's content....thanks to Google's advanced technology.

Lots of times people think the ads are part of your site's content so they click because the information is relevant to your site. Whereas with banner ads, they often have little relevance and people tend to ignore them no matter how much they flash and fly across the page.

Creating Your Website for AdSense
Before you even begin your site, make sure you've come up with a topic that you feel you know plenty about. That way it will be easiest to write a lot of content.

The more content you have, the better chance you have getting accepted into the program. Also, the more content, the greater the earning potential. AdSense is nothing but a numbers game. If you want to make a lot of money, prepare to write a lot of content.

Now let's talk about building your website. There are two ways you can approach this:

1) Do it Yourself (DIY) from scratch

2) Use Site Build It! (SBI!)

The Do It Yourself Method
I've actually used both methods for building my site and there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

If you use the DIY method, you will have to go and register a domain name ( and then sign up for a web host and build your pages. You can either learn HTML or buy some kind of web editor like Microsoft FrontPage to build your pages. That's the method I used to build this site.

Averaging between $7 and $15 per month, the DIY method is usually the most cost friendly of the two but you are mostly on your own in terms of learning how to create your web pages and adding the AdSense code to your site.

Web hosts are generally there to house your site. They don't specialize in helping you market and optimize your site for the search engines to help you get traffic. So don't expect a lot from them in terms of helping you market your site.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. I had to learn how to build this site on my own and it wasn't very difficult.

I now manage all of my sites with Dreamweaver.

Use Site Build It! - A Web Host Made for AdSense
This is a revolutionary web host like no other. I use it for my site,, and after only 11 months the site was earning over $700 per month for AdSense alone.

Two years after launch, the total monthly earnings shot up to $2,000 to $2,500.

Today, the site continues to earn money from AdSense yet I have no products to sell. I'm simply offering information on a topic I know a lot about and SBI showed me how to rank high in the search engines for various keyword phrases. Over 90% of traffic comes from the free search engines.

The reason SBI is different from the other do-it-yourself hosts is that first it provides all the web page building and marketing help all in one place. Your domain registration, web hosting and marketing help come with the price..

Super Easy Web Page Builder
Creating your pages is as simple as entering text into form fields and using the user-friendly editor to add text, create links, add pictures and more. No software is needed to install or download. You simply select a template you want to use and your site is built in seconds...literally.

I took a screenshot of the SBI! interface...

Free Guides
What's even better is that you will have access to tons of free guides that show you how to optimize your site for the popular search engines so you can get as much free traffic as possible.

Remember, without traffic, you won't make any money with AdSense. That's why having a host like SBI is so important. Keep in mind, a regular DIY host does NOT help you with search engine rankings and traffic.

Brainstorming Tool
Site Build It also comes with a powerful brainstorming tool. So for all of you sitting there wondering about a topic, this tool literally scours the net and helps you decide on the best topic by showing demand and supply (i.e. number of sites on X topic and roughly how feasible it will be to bring in traffic for that particular subject). It is amazing.

The creator of Site Build It even built a micro site that describes how to maximize your AdSense earnings. And since Site Build It's main goal is to show you how to build income through's almost as if AdSense was designed specifically for a web host like SBI.

See the SiteSell AdSense site here.

I highly recommend using SBI -- especially if you plan on building a site specifically to earn money from AdSense. It is the kind of host that stands for everything AdSense is about -- rewarding website owners for building an abundance of useful content.

Even though the two companies are not related, it really is the perfect marriage between a great concept like AdSense and a web host that is dedicated to showing you how to make money by simply providing information.

Successful SBI Websites
Be sure to also take a peek at all the successful SBI websites created by mostly beginners who have never created a site before. Every site listed on this page is in the top 3% in terms of amount of traffic received on the web - thanks to the SBI search engine help.

Find out why I think SBI! is best for AdSense.

How to Join AdSense

In late 2008, Google tightened up their acceptance policies. According to an email I received from someone who was trying to join the program, you now must meet the following criteria before you are accepted...

- Your website must be your own top-level domain ( and not That means you can't just sign up with a free blogger or free web hosting account and get approved for AdSense.

- Your domain name must have been registered and active for at least 6 months before you apply

- The registration information that you provide during the AdSense registration must match your domain name registration information

- Your website must contain a substantial amount of original content

Once you meet the above criteria, go to to apply.

When you are accepted, simply copy and paste the provided HTML code into any page that you'd like to show the ads. If you've done a good job of defining the content on your web pages, the ads that show should be relevant to the content of your page...increasing the chances of click-thrus by your visitors.

You can either display the ads vertically along side the page like Google does or in a banner-like formation horizontally across your pages. The placement is up to you. You can even customize the colors to match your site's theme.

If Your Site Is Rejected by Google...
If you receive that email from Google stating that your site has not been accepted, the first thing you should remember is that as an AdSense member, you become a partner and are representing Google, Inc.

They have to make sure the websites that display these ads are up to par or they could run the risk of losing advertisers. Imagine if you were paying Google to display your ad and you found it showing up on a poorly developed, junky website.

Of course, if your site is rejected, it doesn't mean it is poorly developed. There may be other reasons:

1) Is your site an "About Me" page?

Google does not usually accept these kinds of personal sites because most of them do not have a specific topic or theme. They are usually just random facts about the website owner or their hobbies, pictures, etc.

It would be difficult for Google's technology to display targeted ads on these kinds of pages because the topics vary from subject to subject.

They are looking for "themed" sites that contain a generous amount of information on a specific topic. It could be anything from sewing tips to sports. Just make sure there is an obvious theme with adequate information.

2) Is your site organized?

Be sure your site has a neat and clean navigation that's easy to follow. Also ensure all the links work and that there are no typos. Keep the colors to a minimum and make sure each page has a consistent layout.

3) How many pages are on your site?

Even though Google doesn't specify a page number requirement, many believe they are looking for web sites with a certain amount of content. Again, it's not likely a two-page site will get accepted. Try to strive for at least 15 pages.

4) Is your content solid?

Don't just submit a website with a bunch of links to other sites. Be sure you have a themed/niche site with enough original content of your own.

5) Is your site an exact carbon copy of someone else's?

Some believe Google can find out if your site is original or not. Don't risk it and steal from someone else. It will come back to haunt you.

If you're stuck, write a few articles of your own and then go to sites like and sprinkle a few of their articles around your site to beef it up.

6) Be sure to read their program policy and procedures carefully and make sure your site hasn't violated any of the terms.

Tips on Succeeding With AdSense
Here are some tips for achieving success with AdSense.

1. Create a website with your ( Don't try to use a free web host because your site will likely have banners and pop-ups and get rejected because it looks unprofessional. Not to mention, a free web host will give you a website address like this:

instead of...

Thanks to the policies implemented in late 2008, AdSense no longer accepts sites created on free domains anyway. So may as well register your own domain.

2. If you don't know web programming or have no desire to learn it, get a beginner's design editor like Dreamweaver (what I use) or CoffeeCup. You can publish your content directly to the web from the software.

Keep in mind you can't use the software alone. You must have a web host that will allow you to publish your site to the Internet. (More on web hosting in a sec.)

3. If the main goal of your site is to make money with AdSense, be sure to choose a topic that you know a lot about so you can write lots and lots of content.

4. Get traffic. Once your site is up and running you'll need to learn how to get your site listed in the major search engines.

Getting into Google is completely free and can bring in hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day. All you have to do is submit your site to them and wait patiently while Google adds it to the index. It can take a few months. Patience is key with Google. Then do the same with Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Read up on how the search engines rank pages here.

And while you're waiting it's important you build up as much unique content around your theme as possible. Google loves large sites with useful content centered around a specific theme.

Don't create a hodgepodge site with topics on everything under the sun. Stay focused and make sure your site has an obvious theme.

5. Partner up with other related sites and participate in link swaps. This means that you place a link to another person's site on your own site and they do the same for you in return. This is a great way to get even more free traffic.

Why Most People Fail With AdSense
I want you to succeed with AdSense, but unfortunately the majority of the people that join never see much money at all. Watch my video below so you can avoid common pitfalls made by many new Webmasters.

What Is Google Adsense

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant, unobtrusive Google ads on their website's content pages and earn money. Because the ads are related to what your users are looking for on your site, you'll finally have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages. Learn more about

It's also a way for web site publishers to provide Google search to their site users, and to earn money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages. Find out more about

The program is free, and combines pay-per-click and pay-per-impression advertising - meaning you get paid for valid clicks on the ads on your site or search results pages as well as impressions on your content pages. So go ahead and try this program. If you comply with our program policies, just complete our online application and select either or both of AdSense for content pages and AdSense for search. One application gets you approved for both AdSense and AdSense for search - you can decide to use any combination of these products on your pages.

We'll review your application and follow up with an email within 2-3 days. If you are accepted into the program, you can log in to your new account and get the HTML code to insert into your webpages.

Keep in mind that participation in AdSense requires you to have a website. If you don't have one, you can sign up for a free blog at


Search Engine Submission - AddMe

LINK ADD URL Seo Friendly Web Directory

Marketing & SEO Blogs - Blog Top Sites

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dont Become Fat

Weight loss I want to loose weight???Throughout my experience with people, this is the question I hear most frequently. I see people on the scale all the time some before a workout some after and some before and after. I wonder to myself what it is that they are looking for? Is it the number that will make them satisfied? Or maybe the number that will keep them motivated? Is it all about numbers???When I ask them are you satisfied with the numbers? 90% of the time they answer me NO! And then it starts, I train 5 times a week, I don’t eat carbohydrates, I do the fat burning zone for 40 minutes and I still don’t see a difference Here are my tips for loosing or maintaining your weight:1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There is a great Chinese proverb:“Eat like an Emperor at breakfast, like a Prince at lunch, like a Poor man at night”2. Never over eat. Eat to be 75% full only3. Don’t cut out ALL carbs. Eat more complex carbs instead as this is a great energy source.4. Fibre helps the digestive system. You increase the risk of clotting your arteries with fat if you eat red meat without any fibre. So always eat it with some fibre.5. Eat your fruits and vegetables – you need the antioxidants and collagen to keep you toxin free and young. They contain your essential vitamins!6. Avoid refined foods7. Avoid frozen / pre-packaged meals8. Drink around 2L of water a day (this can be more if you are training). Avoid drinking cold or iced water9. Avoid drinking fruit juice with sugar added – this is no longer healthy!10. Fish is a great source of protein and contain healthy fats For your workout:
Avoid repetitive workouts – change your schedule frequently Short rest periods in between sets Warning: The “Fat Burning Zone” is a myth! Train on a high intensity level for the best results. Functional training is the best method to convert fat into energy for your workout! Training with someone to motivate you helps to attain your goals faster.

Loose Weight

Trying to loose weight can be a big problem and concern for some people. Now and days people are getting fatter by the day. So people now and days have no control or will and that is causing a higher rate of obesity in people. Now with obesity come a lot of other things attached to like disease and physical activities get less. Obesity also can bring down self confidence and self being in a person because being fat is really unacceptable in today’s society. How being fat can have a lot of effects to the person’s personality, it can also bring negative feeling towards others and self.How a lot of people in both genders are so dedicated to try and loose weight. This is so that they can try and fit in today’s societies. Today’s age is that everybody competes with each other trying to be better then the other people. Because if you are better then some body else in something then you can get the respect and try and gain some respect. But unfortunately some can achieve there goals and some have a tougher time doing it and they give up on there goals.
How Loosing weight for some people has to be a must because they weigh too much. How obesity can cause major cardiovascular problems in life. If you want to loose weight you have to set a goal for your self and set some kind of motivational thing that will inspire you to go after it. By loosing weight you can have a big impact in your life and others around you.
I will tell you on how you can get a couple of things that will help you in loosing weight. This will help you in setting that goal for your self.
You can go to or and read several articles that will help you in your goal in life.
I would have to say the number one thing that you can do for your body is by drinking. How drinking at least 7 to 10 glasses per day can help filter out toxins in the body. Water can also simulate you being full when you are hungry. By drinking water you will also take care of your skin and your body. How water is another way for you to hydrate your body especially when you work out and are on a diet plan. Water plays a big role in loosing weight. Drink a lot of water every day.
The number two thing which you would have to consider is exercise as a part of your weight loss. How any kind of walking for like 30 minutes will make you sweat away the fat? Now there are a lot of exercises out there that you can do to help your body start forming and loosing that fat away. The one thing you have to remember is that starving your self is not an option because you are actually hurting your body and slowing down your metabolism. What you will have to do is try and eat fewer portions and do something after you eat like have plenty of vegetables and fruits that will help you digest your food and make you feel full.
Something that you can do that will help you eat less is to get a smaller plate because studies have shown that your brain thinks you finished the plate so that way you feel full. One major thing that will help your goal is to cut out all the junk foods and sodas because that is a big role in your diet. Now for some people they can not just stop eating something that they really like, so what you can do it slowly cut down on what ever you like and hopefully you can filter that out by not eating it anymore.

So by you doing something simple in your life, you can make a big impact on your own health and people that are around you. Just think of all the extra things that you can do when you loose weight that you don’t have to worry about. Just think if you have kids you can go and play with them longer with out getting tired or so.

Google PIn

Recently I read on many forums and people said Google mailed them PIN even before they reached $50. I read on Google AdSense blog. Google has just changed the threshold to $10. They send out the PIN to ensure the security and accuracy of your information so you can receive checks from Google AdSense. I [...]

Google Jobs

Increase Google Adsense Income with Simple but Effective Tweaks
Ads by Google
Keyword Research
Would You Pay $9.95 to Get on the 1st Page of Search Engines?
Compare before you Buy
You need a Keyword Search Engine, Not a Keyword Tool. See Difference.
As an experienced Adsense publisher, you know tons of Adsense Optimization tricks that will yeild maximum advertising revenue.

To quickly recap, you know by heart that wide rectangles perform better than banner formats, that Google Ad colors should blend with page background color, that section targeting serves more relevant ads, that border-less Ads convert best, that split testing helps you shortlist the best ad formats, that Google CSE is much better than Adsense for Search.. the list goes on and on.
But what’s the next step when you have experimented with all these Adsense tweaks but the CTRs and eCPM figures are stationary or aren’t moving north as you would like them to? Well, the simple solution is – some more optimization.
1. Turn Low Performing Units into Image Only Ads
Say you have a skyscraper in your sidebar or a leaderboard at the bottom of the page. It may exhibit a very poor CTR because it’s so out of sight and visitors often tend to miss the ad unit completely.
In that case, an alternative is to use Image Only Ads for that using – Image ads are generally CPM ads so you will generate revenue each time the ad makes an impression. Image ads are also effective in places where the visitors are Adsense publishers themselves and less likely to be interested in clicking your ads.
Use Google Adsense Sandbox to see image and Flash ads that are likely to appear on your web pages for visitors from different countries across the world.
2. Harness the Comments Section of Your Blog
When people read a blog, they’ll will first read / scan the main article and then they’ll jump to the comments section.
If they have a question or need more information about the product / service mentioned in the blog post, they’ll either leave a comment or will leave the site search for more resources.
That’s why an ad unit placed in the comment section would immensely help. The visitor is in a mood to search for extra information and the Adsense unit in the comments could have an ad for a product that might appeal to the visitor. The best place for place an ad unit their is immediately under the comment textarea box.
3. Don’t Use Adsense At All
Some Adsense publishers are shy of placing ads in prominent and visible locations on their site thinking that that ads might turn away visitors. So they will put ads in some corner hoping that visitors will still find them.
Think from the perspective of Adwords advertisers who are renting space on your blog with the hope of getting prospective customers. Why would they be willing to invest in your site (by buying ads) when they are not getting the expected returns. If you want advertisers to bid on your site, it is advisable that you place ads above the page fold else don’t use Adsene at all.
4. Sell Your Website to Adsense Advertisers using Channels
You can use Adsense channels to convince potential advertisers as to why they should advertise on your site.
When you create a custom channel in Adsense, edit the channel settings and allow Targeting. Then type a marketing pitch – tell your advertisers about your site, where the ads will appear and why should they advertise on your site. Believe me, this works.
5. When Nothing Works, Put One at the Top
Thanks to tabbed browsers like Firefox, IE or Opera – a horizontal ad unit placed at the top of your web page can perform quite well because visitors often notice the areas near the browser tabs.
Whether they are planning to exit your web page by pushing the close button of the current tab or cycling to another browser tab, chances are high that your ad near the tab bar will get noticed. See implementations at Statcounter and Digital Point forums.

6. Avoid Using Common Blog Words
As far as possible, do not use the common jargon like “feeds”, “RSS”, “blog”, “XML”, etc as that might result in RSS and blog related ads even when your website belongs to a different niche.
You can again use section targeting to suggest Adsense bots to ignore the blocks of text that have irrelevant words.
7. Pick Only High Paying Adsense Referrals
Adsense for Referrals can be a good source of revenue if you spend some time picking the best products that may be relevant to your audience. For instance, I pick products related to Software, Video and Internet for this blog and allow Adsense to pick the best product automatically.
Adsense referral payments can vary from few cents to couple of dollars. For example, a newsletter signup may fetch you 5 cents while if someone signs up for Lulu, you may get $10.
I recommend using referral products that give a high return – the conversion ratio may be low but the since the gain per conversion is very high, you will have more revenue overall. One conversion for a high paying referral is much better than several small referrals put together. You can also considering highlighting referrals with a custom FONT tag.

Online Jobs

Google Adsense Finally Increases Competitive Link Filter Limit to 500!On a rather unceremonious way, Google has increased the Competitive link Filter for Google Adsense to 500. They haven't gone official about it as yet. If you are into Google adsense, you must be excited by now and for those who don't know about it, Google AdSense provides the functionality to block specific ads from appearing on your pages. Although Google ads are highly targeted to the content of your page, there may be situations in which you don’t want to display particular advertisements -­ for example, you may wish to block ads leading to competitors’ sites. So now, there is a better chance and more options for you to perfect your Google adsense ads giving you a better chance to profit more from advertises.
Full article (159 words) »How to make millions of dollars by bloggingIt is simple, really. The technique described here is so simple that you won't be able to believe your ears. I have been observing it over the years and soon realized it is a great money making technique to follow. I now present you the greatest money making technique online in 5 simple steps and I won't charge you a penny for it.

This is a snapshot from a few days ago at some point in the day (while I have permission to share my actual earnings, it doesn't mean that I want to :-) so it gives you a sense of my overall traffic levels, percentage of ad blocks that receive clicks, and overall earnings: at this point in the day I'd already earned just a smidgen over $100.
Let's go down the left side first. Notice that Google splits out revenue by category, so here I have AdSense for Content (which includes this very content page that you're reading that has an AdSense block included), AdSense for Search (which is when I host Google searches on my site and then share in the PPC revenue if anyone clicks on an ad in the search result page), and Referrals (get someone else to sign up for AdSense or download the Firefox web browser with Google's toolbar already included and you can earn a small bonus).
I've talked about this before, but again notice how for me, as for most people I know in the AdSense program, my revenue comes exclusively from AdSense for Content. Referrals are a bit more subtle, I admit, because people need to both sign up and earn a certain threshold amount before I'll get paid, so the sign-ups I get will hopefully pay out down the road.
Also, if there's one thing that you need to be conversant in as an AdSense for Content participant, it's channels. Channels let you differentiate between your Google ads on different areas of your site or, if you've more than one site like I do, between sites. The figure shown is aggregated across all sites that I have in the AdSense program, so if I burrowed in further you could see that some sites have much lower traffic but superb per-click earnings, while others have huge traffic and almost no clicks at all. But channels are a different posting, so let's stay focused on this report.
Now, across the top on AdSense for Content: page impressions are essentially the number of Google AdSense blocks that I've displayed on my Web sites. Since I can have more than one block on a page (you can have up to three) this isn't the same as number of page views or number of visitors. Indeed, this page you're looking at has three ad blocks, so your viewing will count for three, not one, page impression. Also note that PSAs (public service ads) for non-profits don't count as page impressions, so if you see lots of PSAs on a site, it'll be skewing this number relative to site traffic.
The next value is clicks, and that should be fairly obvious: someone clicks on an advert and this value increases. Divide page impressions by clicks and you should end up with Page CTR, page click-thru rate. My rate here is 2.7%, which isn't too shabby. It means that for every 1000 ads I show, 27 will be clicked upon and a visitor paired up with an advertiser. This is an important figure because if you can increase your CTR, you can generate more revenue without having to drive more traffic to your site.
The next field, the one that's probably the most puzzling, is the Page eCPM, which is (ready for this?) the cost per thousand (M = mill = thousand in Latin. Those wacky advertising folk are to be thanked for this bit of confusion) or CPM equivalent rate for your ads. This is only important if you're clued into the advertising world: when advertisers buy a banner ad on a site, they pay based on the number of eyeballs, the number of people who see the ad. That is the "cost per thousand". So here Google's just taken the page impressions and divided it by earnings to produce what they call an "effective CPM" rate. This shows that if I were to charge $5.20 CPM for ads on my site, I'd exactly match this income level.
Again, for the majority of people, eCPM is not an interesting figure and can be safely ignored. Generally, a high eCPM means that your ads are more valuable than a low eCPM, but more than that's probably risky to conclude.
Finally, the value that people are usually most excited about: Earnings. That's the proverbial bottom line here, and I admit it, when I log in to my AdSense account I promptly check my earnings then back up to see the other figures.
There's a lot more data you can glean from the AdSense reports area, including seeing a report by day of all these figures, a report by channel across an arbitrary time period (answering questions like "which of my Web sites generated the most revenue last week?"), and even a combination of these reports. Start by clicking on Advanced Reports - Ad Performance to learn more.
I hope this rather exhaustive answer helps clarify exactly how to understand your Google AdSense report. If you haven't yet signed up for AdSense but are interested in learning more about how to monetize your existing Web site traffic, please do check out my earlier article on Getting started with Google AdSense.
Oh, and one final tip: don't click on your own ads! You might think it'll make you a few bucks, but since it can also get you kicked out of the program entirely, it's really not worth the risk!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HOw Solve LAptop Problems

Why is my laptop that is set to the "Always On" Power Scheme running at half speed?


I have a Dell laptop that is about two years old, running Windows XP. CPU-Z and the General tab under System in the Control Panel both tell me that the computer is running at only 800MHz, which is half of the 1.60GHz the processor is rated for. My current power setting under Control Panel => Power Options => Power Schemes is Always On, because I use mains power instead of the battery. If I try using any of the other power settings, the processor just runs slower. How can I make the computer run at or close to 1.60GHz?


Have a look the Dell QuickSet application, which appears as a large Q in the System Tray (Notification Area) in bottom right side of the screen, or in the Control Panel.
QuickSet is Dell's proprietary software that manages the power and other settings, such as the screen's brightness and the network connectivity. Dell must think that QuickSet does a better job of managing those settings than Windows XP. If you try to manage the power settings directly through the Windows Power Options in the Control Panel, QuickSet can often override them, although sometimes it does not.
For example, you could have Windows XP's Power Scheme set for Always On, but if QuickSet is set for Maximum Battery Life, it could override the Windows XP setting. As you should know, Windows slows the processor down in order to extend the battery life. It is usually always best to have Windows managing the power.

Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo and others all have programs like Dell's QuickSet. Most of them can be uninstalled easily in Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel. If not, most of them allow you to turn them off via a setting of their own, such as: Use Windows to manage the power options.
What do I have to know in order to use my notebook computer in the US and Europe?
I will have to use my laptop computer when I travel to the US and Europe from the UK. Are there any important considerations that I should know about in order to be able to do that?
You shouldn't have a problem charging the laptop in the US or Europe, because the power supplies on most laptops can accept 100-240V at 50Hz or 60Hz. However, make sure by checking the label. However, you will need an adapter in order to be able to plug it into the mains. Someone using an American laptop in the UK would have to use an adapter that allows it to be connected to the UK mains system. You can also buy surge protectors for additional safety. Read the information on these two pages:
Traveling With Laptops In The Post-9/11 World -
It has become more difficult to take a laptop through airport security. You will probably have to switch it on to prove that it is a working computer, not a disguised bomb.
You can use a laptop on a plane, but you should deactivate the wireless network adapter, because you don't want to log on to other laptops wirelessly and you don't want other laptops logging on to yours. You can do that via Network Connections in Windows XP by right-clicking on the adapter.
Note that the computer's warranty might not allow it to be serviced outside the UK, so check with its manufacturer before you go abroad. You should also have sufficient travel insurance to cover the value of the computer in case it is stolen, lost, or damaged.
How can I connect my laptop computer to a TV? - Hooking up laptop to a TV
I have an HP ZV5000 laptop computer and I want to hook it up to my TV and home theatre equipment. What is the best way to do this using S-Video or Composite video? I am very confused about all of these connections.
Have a look at the available output ports on your computer's video/graphics card, or its motherboard's ports panel if it is an integrated motherboard that has an inbuilt graphics chip instead of a separate AGP or PCI Express graphics card. The available output ports are: a 15-pin D-sub VGA port, a DVI port, and an S-Video port. Your computer could have one, two, or all of those ports.
Next, you have to identify the type of television TV you have - an analog or digital TV. If it's an analog television, it should have an S-Video input port. If it's a digital television, it could have any of these input ports: S-Video, 15-pin VGA D-sub, component video, or a DVI input.
Now you have to match the output port from the computer with the input port on the TV. A VGA D-Sub or DVI match provides the best quality of image and picture production. If you have a component video connection on the TV and a VGA D-sub output on the computer, you can connect them by making use of an adapter. An S-Video connection provides the poorest quality of image and picture production, so you should only use it if you can't use either of the other alternatives.
Turn the TV channel to AV1, or whatever you plugged it into. Consult your laptop's user manual to find out how to make it display on an external monitor. In Windows XP, you will probably have to make the secondary monitor (the TV) the primary monitor under Control Panel => Display => Settings.
You must match the screen resolution that the TV uses with the screen resolution that the PC is using. You do that in Windows under Display => Settings.
Compatible screen resolutions and video standards might be provided on the back of the TV. If not, you should be able to find them listed in the TV's user manual.
If the VGA D-sub TV input is PC compatible, one or more of the following video standard and screen resolutions should be provided:
VGA = 640x480
SVGA = 800x600
XGA = 1024x768
SXGA = 1280x1024
The following page provides more information on these standards and many others:
Computer display standard -
The 15-pin VGA D-sub input might not be directly PC compatible. If this is the case, one or a few of the following television formats and their compatible screen resolutions should be provided on the back of the TV or in the TV's user manual:
480i - not compatible with PC's
480p = 720x480
720p = 1280x720
1080i = 1920x1080 (interlaced)
1080p = 1920x1080
To provide sound with any of the above-mentioned connections, you connect a 1/8" to L/R RCA cable from the audio output on the computer (on the sound card or motherboard if it is an integrated motherboard) to the corresponding audio jack on the TV.
To provide sound on a laptop computer that doesn't have an RCA Composite port, buy an RCA-headphone jack adapter, which costs about £2/$3. You connect an RCA cable to the RCA Composite input on your TV, plug the other end in to the adapter, and the adapter into the headphone or line-out plug in your laptop computer.
If you require more information, the articles and pages linked to below describe in detail how to connect the different types of PC video/graphics ports to analog and digital TVs.
How To Connect a Computer To Your TV -
PC to TV and TV to PC Converters - Provides USB converters -
Connect your Media Center PC to a TV -
"The S-Video cable works well with most standard TVs. The procedure below explains how to connect a TV to your computer using an S-Video connection." -
TV Connection cables -
How to use the S-Video out of your computer -
PC to TV cables -
If you enter connect + tv + pc (as is) in the Google search box at the top of this page (with its web radio button enabled), you can find plenty of other useful pages.
Shutdown problem: My three-year-old notebook PC started freezing and now it starts to shut down at random intervals
I have a three-year-old Dell 250N notebook PC. It was working perfectly well until all of a sudden it started to freeze for no reason. Then, after about two weeks of doing that, it started to shut down randomly, often after only a few minutes of having been switch on. The actions I've taken so far without success are: scanned for spyware and viruses with updated scanners, and used the restore disc to restore the system. I noticed that the bottom of the PC becomes very hot, so I bought a set of feet thinking that it would help the airflow, but the problem remains.
The laptop's circuitry appears to be shutting it down in order to prevent damage to the processor. It is doing that because the laptop is overheating, no doubt because of an accumulation of dust inside the case that reduces the effectiveness of the cooling fans and the heatsinks that depend on them to expel hot air. The solution is relatively simple. Click here! to go directly to information on overheating laptops and how to clean them on on Page 4 of this article on laptop PCs.
Some of the newer PC games run very slowly at their lowest settings on my ageing laptop, but its manufacturer doesn't have updated drivers for the video/graphics card
I have an elderly Intel Pentium 4 business laptop PC that has a 2GHz processor and an ATI Mobility M6 graphics chip. I use it for office work and to play PC games. Some of the newer games run very slowly, even with the lowest screen resolution. The ATI Catalyst drivers won't install. A message comes up telling me to obtain the drivers from the laptop's manufacturer. But the manufacturer's site only has the version of the drivers that are already installed.
The ATI Mobility M6 graphics chip is elderly by current standards, but it should still be able to play many 3D Games at reasonable speeds.
Click here! to go directly to information about laptop graphics drivers on Page 2 of this article on laptop PCs.
The simplest solution is to install the ATI Omega drivers. They can be obtained from:

Friday, May 15, 2009

How Create a Website

One of the most happening thing on Internet today is of course blogging, you will find kids, house wives and even film stars with their own blogs.
One common question that everybody asks is what's the difference between a blog and a website ?

...A blog (or a "Web log") is nothing but a Web site, usually maintained by an individual, focused on a single theme or a bunch of categories, descriptions of events or reviews of gadgets, products or even other blogs and websites. Posts/articles are usually displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb which means to maintain or add content to a blog.

If you too want to enter the Internet's huge Blogosphere, then you can easily start it without spending a single penny, by registering yourself for free at Blogger.Com. 
For those of you who do not know about Blogger - it's a website which provides blogging platform and has been bought by Google a few years back. So if you have a Google account {a gmail account}, then you can use the same log in ID and password to enter in to Blogger.

So once you enter (and select a Display name), you will be asked to create the blog. Select any name (eg. ABCD), and you will get a blog like this:
And moreover, just like email ID's there's no limit to the number of blogs you can make, provided the blog names are available.
This is exactly like choosing an email ID, you cannot select any blog name, which is already existing. But do not worry, you can change this [Blog Name] whenever you want, if the new name has not been already taken (that means you can shift from ABCD to, provided DEFG has not been taken already).
After selecting the name, you have to select the template for the blog, the default templates given by Blogger are really boring, so do not waste time there, select anyone, as you can change and add a much better template afterwards !

Now you will be asked to post your first article, it's your wish to whether do it now or you may do it after taking a small coffee break, you can also save an incomplete post as a draft if you want to publish it later.

ctually, In order to make a blur effect in the photo is not difficult; we only make a little code to create it. Please drop your mouse into the photo below so that you understand my explanation.

Please read the following steps to make the blur effect like the photo above.

1st Steps

Log in into blogger with your ID
Click the Layout
Click Edit HTML tab and don’t forget to click Download Full Template and Back up the template first. (very important)
Find the following code ]].>, then Copy and Paste the code below above ]].>

.linkopacity img { 
-moz-opacity: 0.30; 
opacity: 0.30; 
.linkopacity:hover img { 
-moz-opacity: 1.0; 
opacity: 1.0; 
.linkopacityxtra:hover img { 
-moz-opacity: 1.1; 
opacity: 1.1; 

Save the template

2nd Steps

Every time you want to put a photo or picture, insert this code;



For example, I have the URL address of the photo or picture like this;

And I want to link that URL address to, so I have to put the code below;


and the result will be like this. Please drop your mouse and click the image if you want:

But If you don’t want to link the photo or picture anywhere, just change the URL address with the following code #nogo, for example; 


and then this is the result, just drop your mouse and click it. It doesn’t happen anything, right?

Ok, my friend, do you understand? I think you do. For showing the pictures in the blog was explained completely by me with the title Google page creator. You can read again if you forget or still do not understand.

I give you a little clue about CSS code above, you can change the level of blurring the picture by adding or reducing the opacity value, for example;

.linkopacity img { 
-moz-opacity: 0.30; 
opacity: 0.30; 

The opacity value = 30 is reduced into opacity = 30 (this is example only), so the picture will look to have more blur, example;

.linkopacity img { 
-moz-opacity: 0.10; 
opacity: 0.10; 

You can do your own experiments to get better result. Ok, see you at the next posting and don’t miss it dude.

Get Rid Of Virus

Each day it gets harder and harder to get good protection for your computer. I can’t tell you enough not to leave you’re anti-virus programs down for one second. Even big corporate Internet companies have found, on several occasions, its own systems compromised.
In the good old days, life was simpler in terms of computer viruses. The simple ability to catch and eradicate the virus was easier because a virus could only be transmitted to a floppy disk.
The virus took quite a while before it was able to infect a computer and slow down the system. Before viruses caused to much damage, the anti-virus software of that time was very effective to identify and kill the viruses.

Computer users in those days were pretty confident on how to protect themselves. They just had to scan all of their floppy disks before copying them to the desktop.
Then the Internet came which provided a channel for Internet viruses to move from host to host with tremendous speed . The internet user had to worry about e-mail, e-mail attachments, peer to peer file sharing, instant messaging and software downloads.
Viruses of today will take full advantage of vulnerabilities within the system or program. Without any human intervention, they attack your PC through multiple entry points. The potential of new threats increases with new technology advancing every day.
Using a online virus cleaner to protect your computer
Fortunately, anti-virus software companies are keeping pace with current virus threats which is essential for keep your computer virus free and free of other malicious software.  They are designed to protect your hard drive from adware, spyware and other viruses that entered through e-mail or other Internet ways. These virus scans offer a centralized control feature that handle use, configuration and updating.

You should remain careful against the threat of a virus by just following a few simple steps.
1.  Evaluate your current computer security system. You need to be confident that you have protected all aspects of your computer system from the desktop to the network.
2. Only install anti-virus software created by a well-known, reputable companies. Update your anti-virus software regularly which will protect your system automatically each time you start  your computer.
3. Always scan all new programs or files you download.
4.  Take caution when opening received documents during an online chat or email.
5.  Backup your system regularly.

Simple Ways To Secure From Viruse:

Anytime you access the internet on a computer, you must develop your protection skills. The internet contains countless unknown threats. Every time you visit a web page or open an email attachment, you are at risk. Virus writers and hackers are plentiful and all have the same goal. They want to ruin your computer system and steal your information. It is up to you to protect your investment and I will provide some suggestions for you to do so. 

Anti-virus is important- There are so many great and useful anti-virus software programs available. Some of them are free and will not cost you a penny. Having a anti-virus installed on your computer will help to detect any threat of a virus. Using more than one anti-virus program is suggested many computer professionals. Sometimes one anti-virus program will detect a virus threat when the other one does not. Now that you have installed an anti-virus program, you need to maintain it with constant updates. If you do not update the software, then you are still leaving your computer vulnerable. Virus threats change constantly and regularly, so your anti-virus program will need to keep up with them. 

Unknown email attachments- Although many of us hear the constant warnings of opening email attachments from unknown senders, sometimes we get easily fooled. Not long ago, I received an email attachment from a friend. However, I did not open it because my anti-virus software was able to detect it before hand. I have it set to scan all incoming emails for virus threats. Doing this saved me from having a major problem develop. 

Get Rid Of From Virus

VIRUSE come in many forms and can cause various kinds of damage to your system. Fortunately, most viruses are easily dealt with and effective methods for eliminating them are often developed as soon as the viruses are discovered. If you think your computer may be infected, take any necessary steps to clear your system and avoid infecting other computers.


  1. Visit your virus-scan software manufacturer's Web site and install any virus updates that are available. Then run the software. The software may not be able to delete the virus, but it may be able to identify it.

  2. Step2

    Search the Web for information regarding your specific virus by typing the name of the virus or its associated file into a  followed by the word "virus." For example, "Melissa virus," "BubbleBoy virus," etc.

  3. Step3

    Download and install any patches or other programs that will help you eliminate the virus. Or follow any instructions you find on deleting the virus manually.

  4. Step4

    Run another virus scan to make sure the virus has been dealt with properly.